About Alicia Leeper 

Alicia Leeper & Michael Nuccio

Alicia is a Colorado native. She has spent over 20 years studying various methods of acting. She has a minor in Theater & Dance Performance from the University of Northern Colorado and a BA in Journalism and Mass Communications.  

 Her strengths are in classical theater, musical theater, film, and voice. She began studying acting for commercial and film in Denver under various private instructors and soon settled in with Bill Howey's Actor's Menu in 2004.

Alicia began working in film & media when she became an Account Executive for a small advertising agency in Denver and had to cast talent for radio and commercial spots.

With acting being her true passion, she began to wonder what it would be like to not only cast talent but to be one! 

Now, she has experience in writing for film and stage and is currently acting as an active Board member and Marketing Chair for Women In Film and Media Colorado. 

 Alicia is a working actress with a "day job" as a Director of Marketing for a retail consulting firm. Occasionally she still gets to cast talent for various jobs and continues to produce small film shoots for retail clients nationwide.

She is represented by Big Fish Talent and loves being part of the Denver film and stage community.

On-going acting workshop for stage and film technique in Denver Colorado. For adults age 18+.

What actors can expect to learn:

Methods of acting: Actors will explore various styles of acting technique.

Scene study

Scene/script analysis

Cold reading technique

History of acting for stage and film

Commercial audition technique

Monologue preparation 

Character development

Founded by Alicia Leeper in November 2015 in memory of her dear friend and mentor Michael Nuccio: A talented and passionate Actor and Coach for Actor's Menu 5280. Michael deeply cared about his students. Alicia hopes to follow in his footsteps. 

Email: TheActorsStudy@gmail.com for more information.